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Hybrid Live Exclusive on Radio 1

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Hybrid to release 'Morning Sci-Fi'

Mike Truman and Chris Healings have delivered a powerful and emotive opus with "Morning Sci-Fi." Equal parts exquisite and menacing, the group's second full length combines its signature progressive house and breakbeat fusions with cinematic, orchestral flourishes and sturdy rock inferences.

"Morning Sci-Fi" features appearances by bassist Peter Hook (New Order), drummer Richard Thair (Red Snapper), producer John Creamer, the 90-piece Moscow Federation Orchestra and vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw joining permanent band members Alex Madge, Tim Hutton and newcomer Adam Taylor who anchors the album with a number of stellar vocal contributions. Hybrid and 'Morning Sci-Fi' slyly offer you these inimical options: cry or dance.

'Morning Sci-Fi' is is released by Distinct'ive / k7 on September 23

Live Exclusive

Please join HYBRID as they perform their first Radio 1 live session for the One World show to be broadcast this Thursday, July 24th

12am - 2am - UK and Eire
4pm - 6pm - US West Coast
7pm - 9pm - US East Coast
8am - 10am - Japan (Friday, July 25th)
10am - 12pm - Australia (Friday, July 25th)

The performance will feature an orchestra, Peter Hook and vocalists Adam Taylor and Kirsty Hawkshaw.