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Jerome Pacman's Family 2 cd house mix

Tuesday, January 14, 2003
Release date 24 February 2003 After a massive success with the best selling French series "Jerôme Pacman's House Cafe" house maestro, dance music pioneer and French hero Jerome Pacman joins the FAMILIES camp. Jerome will be in good company - other Families album projects Kwality Batofar (Dan
Ghenacia & Ralph Lawson), D'Julz, Cyril K & Jack De Marseille have reached across the pond to a UK fan base with great success.

Already a house legend in France, Jerome came of age djing in clubs like the Rex, Batofar, Queen etc. Jerome also has a radio show on the influential Parisian station Radio Nova. His double mix album "Jerôme Pacman's Family" is the result of more than a year in the studio, behind the decks & on the
dancefloor, in the records shops, and late nights listening to records.

Jerome sees his mix as a complete house set spread onto two CDs/LPs. This approach gave him the latitude to go from minimal house tracks (Closer music, Q-burns, Curvy Traction) and bring smoothly the audience to more percussive and funky beats (Brett Johnson, Swag, Dan Ghenacia & David Duriez).