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Junior Vasquez Leads Anti-RAVE Act Protest

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Sunday, September 7, 2003
Washington DC Saturday 6

Legendary New York house DJ Junior Vasquez will be DJing at this weekend's Anti-RAVE Act protests in Washington, kicking off at 6pm in Upper Senate Park.

D: Fuse, DJ Craze and Jesse Saunders are among other DJs supporting the event, which is expected to draw thousands of club fans to the US capital.

"The US Government has declared a War on Music, we are the target of busts, arrests, harassment and intimidation, all with the ultimate goal of destroying our culture and silencing the music we love," event organisers ROAR point out on their website for the event.

"The recently passed RAVE Act threatens to scare club owners and promoters into shutting down events nationwide for fear of imprisonment of up to 20 years and/or fines of $500,000. Even harsher laws sit in Congress right now," they add.

Invited speakers also expected to attend include top ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) campaigner Graham Boyd, Generation X author Douglas Rushkoff and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

The National Dance and Music Rights Alliance:
Fight for your Right to Party!-
Saturday September 6, 2003. midday-12am
Washington, D.C.