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Lasergun Returns

Author: seven nightclub
Wednesday, January 15, 2003
Are you New Wave- Are you Sleazy Eighties Retro- Are you Synth Pop- Are you a Rocket Scientist- Are you a Porno Star- Are you a Robot- Are you a 1980s Japanese conceptual artist- Is your name Veronica- Are you a DeeJay- Are you a Gigolo- Do you wanna make love to a mannequin- American Psycho was a documentary, wasn't it- Are you watching us on the screen- Is your name Veronica- Have you slept with Dave Pham- Are you confused--

So are we!! Come and help us profit from this confusion!! Our profit is financial, yours is cultural… You can't do this kinda shit on your own, it's illegal… and worse still, it's perverted. Do it with us instead!! An extended session in the electro-disco!!

Lasergun… We are serious… are you-
Every Friday Night at Seven -
DJs Mike Callander, Dave Pham, Agent 86…
And with a special appearance by Spacey Space
Join us… or don't, and say you did.