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Margaret Thatcher's Whisky-Soaked All Night Parties

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 1, 2003
Ex British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dealt with stress by staying up all night and hosting marathon boozing sessions with her servants, the Sunday Times revealed this week.

The infamous extremist politician, whose enthusiastic embrace of mass unemployment and DIY ideology helped spawn rave culture, frequently relied on Class A strength liquor to chill out, according to her long serving PA Cynthia Crawford.

"I remember her saying to me once: 'Dear, you cannot drink gin and tonic in the middle of the night,' Ms Crawford recalled.

"You must have whisky to give you energy."

The Iron Lady's outing as a classic British caner came months after Britain's most popular Prime Minister Winston Churchill was revealed to drink at least 22 units of alcohol a day (equivalent to 5 bottles of wine or 11 pints) during the war. The 2 World War hero has also been regularly linked amphetamines and cocaine, though no such anecdotes have been linked to Mrs Thatcher.