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Never Trust A DJ Producers Change Their Mind

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, July 19, 2003
Hard house pioneers Baby Doc & S-J are re-launching themselves as DJs they announced this week, after teaming up with Tidy Records in a deal which also includes a tie up over the duo's records.

The hook-up comes less than a year after the duo released their second compilation and called it, Never A DJ 2 on their own label Arriba Records.

"The reason we called the first album Never A DJ was because we thought the whole world was being overrun by DJs and nobody was profiling the actual producers," Baby Doc told Skrufff last year.

"Everyone's a DJ these days, if you walk into MacDonalds, the staff are all DJs and, I dare say, policemen walking down the road are DJs. It seemed like a good title before and we still like it now. We've also never been DJs."

Baby Doc's partner in crime S-J spoke to Skrufff this week, however, to stress they haven't actually changed their views.

"We're laptop DJing, not spinning other people's records," said S-J.

"In essence, we're now running the live show from the DJ box, just playing our own music and singing from the DJ box. Technology and times are changing."