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Nightclubbing Brit Blokes Can't Help Being Animals

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 1, 2003
Typical Brit blokes going out clubbing in groups behave in the same way as red deer, according to new acadamic research on pub and club culture in Northern England.

Researchers examined the mating habits and violent tendencies common to many young Brits and concluded that their often animalistic behaviour was probably instinctive.

"Many went out with the stated intention of 'getting pissed' (drunk) although meeting a member of the opposite sex was often the preferred aim," the scientists pointed out (Psychology, Evolution and Gender Journal). And competing for female's attention apparently closely matched the rutting common to red deer.

"Men would often perceive other men 'sizing them up' as a challenge," the report continued.

"The common exchange 'Who you looking at-' describes this initial exchange that can quickly escalate into a fight.

Meanwhile in London, a new survey for a deodorant company revealed that a third of women feel that men "have a lot to learn on the dance floor". In more dispiriting news for British blokes, the survey also said over 50% of London ladies "rarely meet a sexy man in the capital" with two-thirds 'not having a club when it comes to chat-up lines' (Standard).