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Pete Heller and his dirty grooves

Author: bib
Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Veteran Boys Own producer/DJ, Pete Heller, will deliver the next edition of NRK's respected 'nite:life' compilation series, his first solo mix album ever.

His 'Dirty Grooves' mix out, May 19, follows Jamie Anderson's chapter, and promises appearances from Estonian talents Rulers Of The Deep with 'Dirty Grooves', UK sleaze meister, Kenny Hawkes with 'Dance For Me' and Heller himself with 'Big Room Drama', all enhanced with his trademark studio trickery and FX.

Brighton-born Heller emerged in the late 80s during the formative years of dance music in the UK. He was resident at Danny Rampling's famed acid house club, Shoom, where he met long time Boy's Own production partner, Terry Farley. Together they have gone on to remix and produce for the likes of The Farm Primal Scream and Pet Shop Boys over the last 10 years, as well as notching up a list of classic dancefloor shifters including Farley & Heller's 'Ultra Flava' and Heller's own 'Big Love'.