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Princess Julia Rocks In Rio

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, December 13, 2003
London electro-trash DJ Princess Julia caught up with Skrufff this week after flying back from Rio and revealed that she'd been blown away by her recent tour experiences in Brazil.

"There's a definite electro scene happening in both Rio and Sao Paulo, everyone loves it and it's really flourishing," said Julia.

"It has a real family feeling and a vibe, much like we have here in London at clubs like The Cock and Nag," she said.

"Everyone made an effort to dress up and party, everyone's really enthusiastic and there's a great energy there. Electro really seems to fit in with the Brazilian vibe in general."

Julia visited Brazil just weeks after Larry Tee, Errol Alkan and Jonny Slut, who also enjoyed his trip.

"They were sooooooo up for it," Jonny told Skrufff several weeks back.

"The crowd seemed to really appreciate a mish-mash of styles rather than tedious house."