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Pushca- F**ked Up But Great (Saturday June 14, London)

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, June 14, 2003
Pushca promoter Rob Gribbin, who stages another event this weekend at Liverpool Street's Great Eastern Hotel, admitted this week that he'd been embarrassed by problems at April's party which saw hundreds of revellers forced to navigate a free-for- all scrum to get in.

"Speaking honestly, and you can quote me on this, I personally thought we'd really fucked it up, but speaking to people afterwards and reading emails we received, we had so many people saying it was the best Pushca party ever," said Rob.

"I don't think it was at all but generally people seem to have welcomed us back with open arms, which is good."

Relocating this time to the East London 5 luxury hotel (which also hosts Return To New York parties), Rob admits he's hoping Saturday's party runs a lot more smoothly, as does Skrufff-E's new columnist Mark Moore, who headlines again, in room 2.

"I enjoyed the last Pushca even though it was complete chaos, which initially annoyed me because it was difficult to get in," said Mark.

"But once I realized that was how the night was; ie completely chaotic, it turned out to be actually quite brilliant. Sometimes a pinch of disaster is all you need to make it a legendary night."

Tickets cost £25 for non-members, which includes entry to Pushca's after party at a secret location (the Great Eastern hotel event runs from 8pm - 2am, with the after-party going on until 8am [-ish]).