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Radio 1 Playboy DJ's Bedroom Secrets Exposed

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, July 26, 2003
Chris Coco, the Radio 1 star who recently mixed Playboy's latest compilation CD, admitted this week that he not only owns a black silk dressing gown and a Playboy branded silver necklace but also sports a luxuriously overgrown hairy chest.

The former editor of DJ magazine also confessed he'd cheerfully visited a lap dancing club the last time he was in Australia, though amazingly claimed his media experience had prevented him from getting sleazy.

"Being an ex journalist I found myself observing other people rather than fully engaging in what was going on," Chris told Skrufff.

"The other people were exactly as I expected, smoking cigars, drinking watered down spirits and dribbling. I wouldn't mind having a go a lap dancing myself, though."

Chris, who mixed the latest Live At The Playboy Mansion CD earlier this year, also revealed that he's yet to visit Hugh Hefner's notorious raunchy party pad though is hoping to check out the action this autumn (Fall).

"I really agonised about whether I should do it initially, and debated about whether it was PC (politically correct) or not, to actually be involved in a Playboy project," said Chris.

"But everybody I spoke to said 'Yeah, wicked, do it'."

Since then he's completed a new compilation, Acoustic Chill 2, which comes out on Distinctive Records on August 4 including tracks from Lambchop, Dave Hemingway (Beautiful South), the Dandy Warhols and Doves.

"The idea and the vibe of the collection is that it's about songs rather than mixing," he said.

"It's about choosing the mellow moments from bands that might not usually be mellow."

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