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Scan X's Techno Takes Over London's V&A

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Sunday, August 3, 2003
Legendary French techno producer Scan X (aka Stephane Dri) played a magnificent set of hard electronic music at London's Victoria & Albert Museum, last week, prompting outbreaks of dancing across the venue's interior courtyard.

Performing off a balcony above the incredibly ornate quadrangle, Stephane show-casing tracks from his new F Comm released album How To Make the Unpredictable Necessary, providing an unusual techno soundtrack for one of London's most sophisticated and beautiful museums. The setting undoubtedly contributed to his performance, which is likely to have pleased him, judging by recent comments he gave to Skrufff.

"My position is that when you make music or paint, you don't control everything- you are like a medium," said Stephane.

"If a human controls 100% of a song or painting, it's poor. You create something that you don't understand yourself. So maybe being an artist is being a medium."

How To Make the Unpredictable Necessary is out now on F Communications