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Suburban Housewives Dominate London Sex Club

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, June 7, 2003
Clubbers attending 'Britain's most notorious sex club' Club Wicked are mild mannered suburbanites who 'shop at Sainsburys', said Wicked promoter Brian Sheridan this week, after the Standard newspaper splashed two features on his club. The articles were prompted by a battle between the fetish club and clergy from nearby Southwark Cathedral over the club's plans to start offering 'live sex acts'.

"I am merely providing a place for liberated couples with above-average libidos to express themselves," Mr Sheridan (aka The General) told the Standard.

"The only reason this has become a drama is because I've got a bloody great cathedral next door."

The monthly club already offers dungeon facilities and a host of resident mistresses, asking on its website 'Are you ready to explore your image, your sexuality, your expression of your self, your dominant or submissive side, your fetishes, your desires and meet the partner of your dreams."

"They are a wonderful crowd," the General insisted.

"They don't make trouble, they don't take drugs, they don't carry weapons and they drift away into the night in peace and quiet."