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Sydney's Boozy, Homophobic Underbelly

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, December 20, 2003
Sydney's club scene is thriving though remains secondary to the Australian city's traditional beer and pub culture, according to a report in this week's Guardian.

"Sydney is less about clubs and more about blokes in pubs, drinking weak piss (beer- slang Ed) and listening to Australian rock icons such as Jimmy Barnes," said ex-pat (Brit) Robert Leslie-Carter.

"And losing all the housekeeping money on the pokies (fruit machines to you and me)", he claimed.

More sinisterly, a recent Government report into homophobic attitudes, revealed that 85% of gay people in Sydney have experienced abuse, with three quarters saying the abuse involved 'spitting, verbal harassment and stalking' by strangers (Sydney Morning Herald). Most incidents involved two or more 20-something males attackers, the Herald reported, prompting 70% of local gays to fear stranger violence.

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