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ZoukOut Singapore Nokia Remix 2 Day Outdoor Dance Music Festival

Author: Clare Woodcock
Thursday, July 17, 2003
Since its postponement from May, ZoukOut Singapore Nokia Remix is back on this 25 / 26 July to take the nation back into full action; with an even more adrenaline-pumping line-up of bands and supernova DJs, this will be the loudest and biggest comeback celebration in years. Singled-out as South-East Asia's definitive outdoor dance music festival, this event will be a power-packed weekend for all to loosen up, party and tell the world there's never been a better time to get-together for a dusk-to-dawn dance event; welcoming back high-octane soundtracks and exhilarating good times to Singapore, Zouk style.

Step into a magical clubbing experience with thousands of others; expect brave new layouts, ultra-modern sound, lights and lasers, superb ambience, refreshing and exceptional twists to the usual run of things. ZoukOut Singapore Nokia Remix - will be a gravity-defying rush that's utterly unrivalled. Already well known all over the world, Zouk the club organizing this event, is a successful 12-year dance establishment in Singapore. It prides itself on staying on the cutting edge. By providing top quality entertainment, it has maintained a strong brand synonymous with quality for the past decade in the international dance music arena.

ZoukOut Singapore Nokia Remix is the spirit of the club taken to the outdoors for the third time; a magical experience created by Zouk and has received international media attention since the first installation in 2000. To date, no other outdoor party in South East Asia has managed to rival the 13-hour dance party; regardless of drawing power, branding, turn out, line-up, entertainment quality, programming, logistical and operational standards.

New Venue @ Marina Bay Waterfront

Just as Zouk evolves and grows, this year's ZoukOut Singapore Nokia Remix will be located on the fields of Marina Bay Waterfront, a never before used venue for such an event. Sited in the heart of mainland Singapore, the venue lauds the beauty of the Singapore skyscape and presents a magnificent backdrop for a dance party in an urban setting. The manicured grassy field is ideal for a two-night party; with excellent drainage. Fronted on two sides by the bay, it presents a brilliant setting for dancing in trainers & chilling out on mats.

Two-Day Event

To cater to an even wider spectrum of audiences, those who appreciate live vocalists and instruments, the first of the two-day event features live acts along-side DJs in an exceptional concert setting under the stars. Day two will be the complete dance party experience from dusk till dawn, as one would expect from the two previous ZoukOut parties. (Details of the two days are attached)

Exclusive Arena for Regional DJs

For the first time in dance clubbing history, Australasia's DJs will finally get their own platform to perform at this year's exclusive 'Regional Arena'. Essentially, this initiative encapsulates what Zouk has been trying to achieve over the past 12 years, which is to develop the dance scene in this part of the world. The Regional Arena at ZoukOut Singapore Nokia Remix will feature some of the regions best talents and cross various dance music genres.

These regional DJs include DJ Gabriel (KL, Malaysia) DJ Tommy (Hong Kong) Riri Rachman (Jakarta, Indonesia), Manolet Dario (Manila, Philippines), James Jan (Taipei, Taiwan), Grant Smillie (Melbourne, Australia), and Juri (Tokyo, Japan). Singapore will be represented by Gerald Ang, Sonny and DJ Rough.


With the two nights offering a completely different ambience & style of entertainment, ZoukOut Nokia Remix is able to attract the widest spectrum of participants.

Day 1 - In Concert (25 July Fri) 8pm - till 3am

For the first night, the mood is that of an open-air concert starting from 8pm; with performances featuring 3 superstar live acts with millions of fans in Asia alone

Dirty Vegas (UK) * Stereo MCs (UK) * Gus Gus (Ic