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Dance Music Community must bid farewell to Kryal Castle

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Monday, February 16, 2004
Kryal Castle has found a buyer. Whilst the owners were unable to confirm the identity of the buyer or their intentions due to legal requirements, Joyce Ryallsaid; "This (Amnesia) will probably be the last party at Kryal Castle."

Having hosted a magnitude of quality dance music events over the years including Where the Wild Things Are, Hardware Universe, Advent'jah, Amnesia Festival 2004 looks to be the closing chapter of Kryal Castle.

Oracle Events headman Simon Connolly stunned at the bad news replied, "At least we have the opportunity to have one more party and say good bye, lets make it a good one that we will always remember."

Kryal Castle will open its doors one more time for the dance community at the Amnesia Festival 2004 next Saturday 21st February.