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Phreakin and the East Coast Boogiemen

Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Sweet Soulful, Jazzed Up, Discofied, Funky
Chunky, Some Times Nasty, Grooves.

As the celebrated DJ/producer duo East Coast Boogiemen, partners Ken Christensen and Juan Zapata have been critically acclaimed for their innovative brand of house music. Mixing smooth horns and lush percussion with catchy disco riffs and funky vocals, the duo create a perfect blend of sultry, soulful grooves.

Christensen's lifelong involvement with music translates into a versatile talent for playing a wide range of instruments. A talented drummer, pianist, bass and sax player, he grew up listening to a variety of music, from the classic tunes of Motown to the groundbreaking records of early Chicago house.

Adopting an unusual setup with six turntables and two mixers, Zapata and Christensen use their exceptional musical talent to weave diverging elements into an amazing listening experience. Their extraordinary live performances showcase their wildly unique, multi-layered sets and on-the-spot remixes, all the while maintaining an unyielding energy that works dance floors into a frenzy.

Phreakin's untouchable DJs on the night,
throughout two rooms:

» Gavin Keitel
» Pip D'Alioa
» Jeff Tyler
» Damian Laird
» Tyson
» Mike Callender
» Scott Finemore
» Andrew Marsh + More

East Coast Boogiemen (San Diego)
Six turntables and two mixers
Australia Day - Sunday 25 January 2004
Room680 - 680 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn
10pm till Late
Members $15.00 General $20.00
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