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Steve Hill Interview

Author: Stuart Rae
Thursday, September 30, 2004
Few DJ's and producers have contributed as much to the dance music scene as Steve Hill. His name is synonymous with Hard Dance, and 2004 has been his biggest year on the scene yet, with tours of the UK, plus dates in Holland, Japan, South Africa and regular trips to New Zealand, in addition to playing across Australia.

Steve will be making an appearance for Surge at Altitude in Melbourne on the 23rd of October. We took the opportunity to catch up with the legendary DJ/producer to quiz him about life in Australia, dance music and his upcoming appearance in Melbourne.

Q. You've recently relocated from London to Sydney. How's that working out for you-
A. Well I thought my diary would calm down and I could live a less hectic life but I've travelled more this year than the past two years put together. Loving it in Australia though - what a fantastic place!

Q. What do you miss most about living in the UK-
A. I miss my mates and fellow producers but I don't miss the Tube or the weather!

Q. Being a famous international DJ, what free stuff do you get-
A. Free records, clothing, drinks, flights, dinners... What you would expect.

Q. What made you want to be a DJ-
A. I just loved music. Especially dance music. I used to work in a record store when I was 15 and serviced all the local DJ's. One of them asked if I DJ'd as I sorted him out the right records each week. I said no, so he offered to teach me. It went from there.

Q. Apart from DJ'ing, what else are you into-
A. I love producing music. I really enjoy the company of my friends too - being on the road each weekend can surprisingly get lonely.

Q. What do you like to listen to besides dance music-
A. I listen to loads of House music at home, plus more chill/jazz.

Q. Which direction do you see your music heading over the next few years-
A. I see myself making more House music as well as the Hard variety I'm known for. My hard music is really influenced by a love of House music.

Q. Describe 'your sound' in 5 words.
A. Hard, Uplifting, Euphoric, Pumping Trance

Q. You produce tracks with a lot of other producers. Who are your favourite producers to work with, and why-
A. They are all great. So far this year I've worked with Paul Maddox, Gaz West, Dark by Design, K-Series, Knuckleheadz, Guyver, D10, Technikal, Delegate, Soul Rebels, James Lawson, Matt Williams etc... All have their way of working and so do I - love every minute of it.

Q. You've played at a lot of dance-parties in your time - which ones stand out as being the most fun to have played at-
A. You'd think it was the biggest parties but they are really nerve-racking the time passes by and you don't remember much. Most fun I had recently was playing to 250 in Christchurch - energy in that room was like there was 1000 in there!

Q. What was it about that night that made it so special-
A. The people. The people make the atmosphere. The music enhances it. Get both right and it's a fantastic vibe!

Q. What's been the biggest cock-up you've made while playing-
A. Lifting up the needle of the record that was playing in front of 2000 people. I stood there, yelled at the crowd 'come on' then put the needle back down - I don't think they noticed! Must try harder at concentrating while playing!

Q. At the moment, what are 3 tunes never leave your record bag-
A. In the past year- Steve Hill 'My Lovin' (someone always asks me to play it!); Tony de Vit 'I Don't Care (Bulletproof Mix)' (bring back the bounce); DJ Scot Project - 'R! (Rock)' (best hardstyle track ever!)

Q. Do you have an all-time favourite track, and if so what is it-
A. Aretha Franklin 'Deeper Love'...just so powerful...I had tears in my eyes when I saw Aretha do it live as a surprise gift to Oprah on her 40th Birthday Special... How sad is that-

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