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Temposhark: We're Not Metrosexuals But . . .

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, December 6, 2004
Hotly tipped London electro-funk trio Temposhark chatted to Skrufff this week about their new single Neon- and insisted their decision to release it on shocking pink vinyl was based on purely aesthetic grounds.

"Pink is the colour of sex, of course; forget red, I've always found girls and guys dressed in pink the horniest," said band front-man Rob.

"And I don't spend enough time or money on my appearance to be classified as metrosexual," band-mate Luke concurred. "It's not looks that turn me on, it's music. I'm obsessed with creating music...not facial hair," he added.

The group are currently playing live at virtually all of London's more flamboyant electro nightspots, including a high profile slot at Kashpoint's Xmas party next Friday. (December 10). Perhaps unsurprisingly, they remain keen converts to cosmetics.

"I've always found wearing make up extremely liberating. I wish more guys wore make up," said Rob.

"Men in make-up are the hottest there are," Jasmine agreed.

But I've never liked those narcissistic gym-loving city boys who get spray-on fake tans. The greatest men are more balanced than that, those who can take the rough with the smooth," she said.