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3 Out Of 4 Mixmag Readers Dice With Death

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, January 29, 2005
Mixmag published the results of their annual drugs survey this week which revealed that 75% of their typical readers admitted taking life-threatening quantities of ecstasy.

"After a dip in popularity, ecstasy use has risen from 69.8% in 2003 to 75% in 2004," the British dance magazine declared.

"You take an average of three pills per session, the most you've ever taken is nine and your longest pill thrapping (sic) session lasted three days," said Maxmag.

The dance magazine's latest findings appeared as the coroner at the inquest into the death of Irish teenager Gavin Duffy told the court that the 18 year old youth had taken 9 ecstasy pills at a house party in Dundalk, before collapsing and dying.

Louth County Coroner, Ronan Maguire revealed Mr Duffy had 'an absolutely enormous level' of MDMA in his bloodstream, as well as extremely high levels of alcohol (267mg per 100ml of blood) though recorded a verdict of "death by misadventure due to MDMA toxicity' (RTE Interactive).

Mixmag's survey also revealed that 11.7% of their readers have tried crack cocaine, with 3.4% admitting to have smoked it in the last month.