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9 Out Of 10 DJs Hate Their Jobs

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, March 5, 2005
A new survey published by England's City & Guilds training organisation this week has revealed that just 13% of DJs say they're happy in their work.

The shocking statistic was collated from a poll of a thousand Brits who were questioned about pay rates, stress and whether they were their own boss.

Hairdressers surprisingly topped the UK happiness stakes (40%) and DJs also turned out to be a sadder bunch than plumbers (20%), florists (18%) and even butchers (14%).

One reason could be the hours they keep, according to an alarming feature published in the Guardian this week, which suggested that night-working is "more damaging to health than 20 cigarettes a day'.

The newspaper also cited one (US) survey suggesting that "marital breakdown increases by up to six times when one partner works nights', and another (Canadian) which claimed that "men who work night shifts find it more difficult to acquire a partner in the first place' and also reported that irregular work schedules could be equally distressing in the long run.

"Research on insects and mammals forced to rotate their sleep/ wake cycle found that their lifespan decreases by up to 20%," they revealed.