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Benny Benassi Interview

Author: Ariadna
Monday, January 24, 2005
Nowadays Benny Benassi needs no introduction but do not confuse this Italian as a flash in the pan. Benassi is a seasoned pro, having worked for years as a DJ, producer and remixer. He is pretty cute too, even even when he is sporting a comb-over.

Do you still play 'Satisfaction' when you play at clubs-

It depends on the club and how often I play there!

Has 'Satisfaction' been used for any commercials-

Not sure. Maybe in Australia, I'd have to check. Another track, 'Able to Love', was used for a beer commercial in USA, I think.

Do you feel obligated to put that bass line to rest now that it's been heard the world over-

No obligations! Just a nice bass line...

Some people have dismissed you as a 'one hit wonder' but you already are an accomplished DJ, producer and remixer. What are your most notable achievements-

I try not to take myself too seriously. Together with my cousin Alle, I make electronic music in the studio and DJ at night. We do what we do. It's the rest of the world that decides if something we produce is a hit, not us! Apart from our productions I'm very honoured to have remixed artists of the like of Outkast and Goldfrapp, without wanting to omit anyone. It was also great to be invited to remix a Subliminal Sessions compilation.

Would you like to continue being such a celebrity or would you like to go back to being a more anonymous figure in electronica-

Same as above, really. It's the rest of the world that decides, not me. I'd be a liar if I denied how much I am enjoying traveling and being able to play my music all over the world...

A lot of websites talk about how you were influenced by early electro (i.e. Kraftwerk). How about Italian house- Any artists/albums that made an impact on you-

Well I was pretty impressed by Black Box who are from the same town I grew up in, Reggio Emilia. Daniele Davoli, DJ and producer from Black Box, now lives in London and has a thriving career in music. He is a great friend and helped me find my bearings when Satisfaction exploded.

What kind of music do you play when you DJ- What music did you play before this new electro existed-

I'm never quite sure how to define genres in dance music. They seem to invent a new term every three hours. I play electro tech house, I suppose! But there are no boundaries for me. I have spent years developing my instinct and that's what I trust. So I play what feels right. Before...I have always had an eye on the electronic strand of dance music and various contaminations of house and electro, but, sure, I played a lot of tribal progressive too!

In an interview you talk about how the new electro is reinvigorating the nightclubs. I couldn't agree with you more. What do you think makes electro so special- Why does it make everyone smile-

Come along and see!

Who are The Biz-

The Biz are a duo, Paul French and Violeta. They have a live show that lasts about forty minutes performing with great choreography tracks from Hypnotica. I am now working on a new single for them that'll just come out as THE BIZ, without Benny Benassi presents.

What's up with the photos of all four of you in a beige turtlenecks (and you are sporting a comb-over)- They're very funny yet kind of disturbing.

We were all feeling very arty and working with a graphic artist - director who's a friend. We were all on a post-Kraftwerk, Star Trek meets the nerds type trip.

How is your search going for a new female vocalist- I'm hot, I love doing karaoke and I have little shame. What are my chances of being one of the finalists-

I don't know, I don't know, we think we've found THE voice but it's too early to reveal more right now. But don't hesitate to send me a tape. Shameless is my motto!