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Could 4 in 10 German Cockroaches Be Gay-

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, February 26, 2005
US scientists announced this week that they've invented a synthetic version of a female lady cockroach's sex pheromone, which drives 60% of male cockroaches sexually crazy.

Science magazine reported that the red blooded roaches "will chose the sex pheromone over food, even though he may die on the way', though revealed that the other 40% were completely unmoved "for reasons unclear'.

While one possibility could be the roach's sexuality another could be that they're using the wrong kind of female pheromones, judging by the results of a study on roach sex published several years ago.

Scientists from Manchester University discovered that cockroaches younger roaches often spurn the advances of older insects, while past it types actively lower their standards.

"Researchers have found that as female cockroaches age, they become less choosy about their mates," The Daily Telegraph reported in 2002. "Biologists say the same age-related compromise between finding the best mate and making the most of whoever comes along is found in most species, including humans."

In a similar study, researchers from Case Western Reserve University discovered that by the time they reach 65 weeks (old in roach terms) 80% of the insects develop a "stumbling gait' and trip over themselves constantly.

"It happens every couple of steps," research chief Angela Ridgel told the New Scientist Magazine in 2003. "It does slow them down."