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Dave Clarke Sees Red Over Red 2

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, April 30, 2005

UK techno pioneer Dave Clarke is urging fans not to buy vinyl copies of his early club anthem Red 2, after re-pressed copies of the 90s techno smash appeared for sale on a British website.

"I am not re-issuing it," Dave told Skrufff. "If you are not a DJ and you don't need vinyl (who does nowadays anyway-) then you can buy it for the reasonable sum of 79p on ITunes, just look for "Wisdom to the Wise', it's better value and everyone gets paid their dues," he urged.

The always outspoken DJ also responded robustly when asked whether he still aligns himself with techno, snorting "Like I have to answer that!-' Jeez, I have been living and breathing it since the mid eighties, I still fly the flag for the music, I just don't kiss media arse."

Dave was equally forthright about the general health of his beloved genre, declaring "the worldwide scene is flourishing, a lot of the turdy (rubbish) trance has been binned, Europe is as strong as ever for good music, it's relentless. In fact, I am booked well into November and could book further ahead if I wanted to for DJ dates, so techno being dead is utter bollocks," he stormed, "It's just more media wank."

Dave Clarke's upcoming mix compilation World Service 2, is out in June on Resist Records