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Dave Seaman - Are You Local-

Author: Mark Burton
Wednesday, March 9, 2005
Dave Seaman has one of the most impressive resumes in dance music. As a teenager he landed the editorship of Mixmag, back in the day when it was actually a music publication, and from there launched an impressive international career behind the turntables, which led to several releases on the Global Underground imprint amongst others. His frequent trips down under and to Melbourne in particular make him our very own 'local' international, something which makes him "feel very warm!" He cut his production teeth alongside Steve Anderson as one half of Brothers in Rhythm, producing for the Pet Shop Boys as well as writing tracks for our very own Queen of pop, Kylie Minogue. Since then Dave has founded his own Audio Therapy imprint & agency, which has helped launch the recording careers of Infusion as well as Habersham, Ernest Saint Laurent and Stel.

The start of the year has been a busier time than usual for Dave, with a host of changes ushering in 2005. "We moved house just before Christmas so that obviously takes up a lot of time and energy, that was the week before Christmas that we moved so to get organised in a new place, I did New Years Eve in the UK. It's the first time I've been in the UK for a while actually on New Years Eve so that was enjoyable to see everybody here and then I took January off from DJing so it gave me a little bit of time to settle in and get organised and we've worked on the mix CD and worked on a new single, got a new computer and just generally got organised really. It wasn't til last weekend that I set out to start DJing again."

So how is the new Audio Therapy single coming along- "We've just been working on it. We had the same girl that sang on My Own Worst Enemy (Nat Leonard) come over about two weeks ago and we did vocals on a track called Something To Believe In" confirms Dave. "So that's something that we will be working on as we get time over the next month or so, so it should be out late Spring time. It's another full on vocal thing, but I'm thinking that we might go a little bit more live sounding, a little bit more rocky I suppose. Still got lots of guitars in it, but maybe a bit more of an electro edge, a similar direction to where we went on the Tears For Fears remix we did recently. But then obviously we're gonna do a seven inch as well, it's actually gonna go much more poppy in its direction. I think things have got very lively recently actually and I mean that in a literal sense, its very live sounding, lot of live drums, live bass but quite electroy and avant-guard touches to it, a little bit bleepy and raw in places too. I quite like that sort of energy, I think that's what the scene's needing at the moment, it doesn't need anything too smooth and you know obvious. It needs things that kind of stick out and you know smack you between the eyes really."

There are plans to bring the Audio Therapy into the live arena on the back of an album that's tentatively pencilled in for next year. "We have discussed it briefly, it's just at the moment its one thing at a time, we're juggling so many things as usual. It would be something that we'd have to submerge ourselves into and really if you're going to do something you've got to do it properly, you can't really just sort of dip your toe in for something like that really so quite possibly. Obviously the first thing we need to do is to do an album, and when we've got an album done then you look at taking that into a live situation, that would be the natural progression. So yeah it could be something we do maybe next year, at the moment this year's pretty much already tied up for me!"

The second volume in the Therapy Sessions album series is also due to be released shortly (late March), with Luke Chable this time providing a mix and follows neatly in the footsteps of the first. "It is similar in format" agrees Dave. "I mean the idea behind Therapy Sessions was that we were always gonna use one album to showcase some of the talent<