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David Guetta Blasts Boozing Brits

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, February 20, 2005
French producer David Guetta opened up about his close friendship with fellow superstar DJ Pete Tong this week and revealed the only area they disagree on is drinking.

"The only thing I don't get- and this is about the English in general- is how much he drinks. It's crazy!" he told The Independent. "He's probably going to hate me for this but when we play, if I drink half of what he does, I'm dead. But every English person I know is like that."

His comments appeared just months after a survey of 38,000 British men revealed that so many Brits now drink to excess that typical British blokes carry a paunch.

"He used to swivel his hips but now he tucks in his tummy," The Guardian quipped, "The average British man boasts a beer gut".

Champagne connoisseur Judge Jules chatted to Skrufff about DJ drinking culture last month and said the alcohol issue rarely arises in his circles.

"One or two DJ's drug problems might a source of discussion, but I've never talked about problem drinking with any of my peers," said Jules. "There are a couple of DJs whose drunkenness has ruined both their sets and their relationships with promoters, but this is the exception rather than the rule," he added.

David Guetta's (excellent) new single The World Is Mine is out now on Virgin.