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Detroit's Movement Festival In Doubt

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, February 20, 2005
Detroit's massively popular Movement Festival faces a '50-50' chance of being called off this year, after a funding issues yet again threatened its viability.

Event organiser and techno legend Kevin Saunderson told the Detroit Free Press he's hoping to charge admission to the previously free weekend event, and is also now taking control of the event entirely by himself, after erstwhile fellow producer Derrick May pulled out.

"I learned that sponsors don't give out money just because you have a great idea," May said, explaining his decision to quit. "The festival works as far as the public and the media are concerned. But it doesn't make any money, and it can't work like that. To try and redesign it at this point, when it's already been riding on three wheels, would just be very difficult."

His despondent tone contrasted markedly with his attitude just 12 months before when he spoke about trying to replicate Barcelona's Sonar Festival, which has helped revitalize Barcelona so much.

"We want to bring as much attention to the city of Detroit as possible, because I think this may be the last chance that we may be able to do it through techno music," May told Skrufff.

"I don't know if there's going to be a next generation of young musicians coming through to follow up in our footsteps," he added.

The Detroit Free Press said Kevin Saunderson will be deciding whether to go ahead within a week, depending on whether he signs a contract with the City Council.