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Don Diablo - Non-conformist or Sell-out-

Thursday, December 15, 2005
Don Diablo has just released his new mix album, 'Sellout Sessions 01 (2CD)', to promote the launch of his new concept and record label 'Sellout Sessions'. Many different music styles can be found on the mix album, which makes up the first part of a new series. The blend of many different styles might not be appreciated by all, as it doesn't conform with traditional compilations, but Don Diablo feels that many different styles can easily go hand in hand, regardless of what critics and purists have to say about it. As long as it is fresh and original music that rocks, and comes from the heart, then it doesn't matter if it is house, punkfunk, electrohop, rockbreaks, or even popmusic.

Don Diablo on Sellout Sessions: "There is a lot of confusion about what I do and what I represent. Who the fuck is Don Diablo!- With Sellout Sessions the confusion will probably get even worse, but trust me, confusion is only the beginning! Why should I try to clear things up- In my opinion, there are only two types of music: good and bad. Either you like it or you don't. Well, Sellout Sessions is all about music that I love. Sellout Sessions is as much a label, as it is a new concept and compilation series. There are still a lot of new and exciting things happening in the music industry and I hope the first edition of this compilation series proves just that."

The compilation features the hit-single Blow, which saw Don Diablo debut at Top of the Pops most recently, as well as the dancefloor bomb Wet Smoke, which is climbing the Dutch Mega Dance Top 30 at high velocity.

"For CD 1 (AT THE CLUB) I selected a range of tracks that have been doing the job for me at the clubs the past year. Just put the disc in your CD player, add some people and create an instant party! No overpriced drinks, no sweaty guys without shirts on the dancefloor and most importantly, no waiting line at the toilet!"

"For CD 2 (IN THE CAR) I selected some of my personal favourites that rock my world outside the club. Yes, there is life beyond the club! Whether it's punkfunk, electrohop, rockbreaks or even popmusic, who gives a shit as long as it rocks, it's original, fresh and most of all, from the heart. Consider this disc as the soundtrack to a movie directed by yours truly! Enough with the talking: enjoy!"

The soundtrack of the compilation is a blend of electrohouse, punkfunk, popbreaks, rock and hiphop; high quality music that rocks your socks off and represents the sound of now. For the first part of Sellout Sessions, Don Diablo has put on two different masks, combining a more dance-orientated CD (CD1: AT THE CLUB) with a more pop, rock, hiphop orientated CD (CD2: IN THE CAR). Both discs are representative for the artist Don Diablo and his new concept Sellout Sessions. The compilation features tracks and remixes by the likes of: Armand van Helden, Moby, Coburn, Sharam Jey, Plump DJ's, Kraak & Smaak, The Bravery, Bodyrockers, Chikinki, Trentemoller, Bomb the Bass, Thomas Schumacher, The Killers, Hard-Fi of course by Don Diablo himself!