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Fesh's London Comeback Delayed (ie NOT On May 15)

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, May 16, 2005
London electro club Fesh have been forced to cancel this weekend's planned return party at Plastic People after the Hoxton venue experienced unexpected licensing issues.

"It's all rather unfortunate as Plastic People has to have some emergency building work done and it's going to be shut for a week or so," Fesh man Colin Toogood told Skrufff. "As I say though, it is emergency work and it is not the fault of the club, or us, but it's real pain that it should happen in this of all weeks."

The club started out weekly at nearby Shoreditch club 333, hosting high profile guests including Alexander Robotnick and The Hacker as well as establishing Fesh residents the Italoboyz, Crispin Dior and Colin himself as Hoxton stars though went on hiatus last November.

"We're hoping that this is just a temporary postponement, we've been waiting a good few months to make our move as we want the new Fesh to be absolutely right," Colin insisted. "I think it's no bad thing to have had a few months break as it allows us to make a complete break from association with the 333, a few more weeks shouldn't make a lot more difference."