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Freq - Rainbow Serpernt Interview

Author: TranZfusion
Friday, January 14, 2005
FREq is Aran Gallagher, Kiwi born he is now based at POLYGON studios in Melbourne.

The first successful FREq Album, ALLOYS, was released on Positive Ion Records, New Zealand and was backed with a 12" EP on Euromedia, Germany, in 1997.

"I have actually lost track of what my last release was...busy times.... there are some smaller labels that have taken on some older tracks - iboga do my publishing so sometimes I loose track of who is releasing which track where!" He has tracks appearing on compilations in the near future including Flow records, Plusquam, Iboga, ZMA, Interzone, Groovezone, Zenon, Dance n Dust, Tatsu, Candyflip, Domo , Millinium and many other progressive labels.

"Antix and I had fun on a collaborative track last year and at the moment I'm working on a remix for Sub6. "

His exposure has led him to play at stacks of premiere festivals including Rainbow Serpant Festival, Outback Eclipse (Australia), Stargate(Tokyo Japan), Earthdance (Melbourne), Fusion Festival and VOOV Festival (Germany).

"I just finished a 3week tour including Japan, Hamburg, Israel, Dusseldorf, Greece, Switzerland, Mexico. Was great especially Israel, Swiss and Mexico!!" His travels have lead him to meeting many interesting people and subsequent compilations. "Once when I was touring Germany, I got stuck in a micro town 2 hours from nowhere and going to breakfast with 12 local German farmers eating dodgy German sausages and not a word of English."

He regards Rainbow Serpent, his next Australian gig, as, "A killer party of the highest international standard! Rainbow its not a full live set...I will integrate some new FREq tracks with some released ones and a bunch of unreleased tracks I have collected on tour, and some of me favourites! I always try get a feeling for the crowed b4 I play."

However, and understandably so, his favourite performance was "1998 NYE Gathering in NZ, 10000 people as far as the eye could see at midnight going off to my music - this was amazing for me!"

If going off to FREq is your thing, you can catch him at the headline sunrise set on Monday morning on the market stage. Not to be missed!