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Gag Reflex - Monthly at Honkytonks

Author: honkytonks
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Gag Reflex Launch on Sunday 29th May
DJs Andee Frost, Jim K, Damon Walsh & Radiator

The purpose of swallowing is to get music from the ears through the throat, to the stomach, without allowing it to go down the nose or down the windpipe. Your throat is like a dual carriageway: music goes down to the stomach (and in some circumstances back up!)

If the latter is your problem we recomend changes to your musical diet Special diets (soft or puree), merely avoiding certain styles of music, or preparing them differently can make a big difference. Music that may present difficulty for someone with a swallowing problem include:
mixed textures eg music in a lot of fluids like wet musik, or Nrg and Hard dance; stringy textures eg Trance, Progressive house, and classical floppy textures eg , top 40, and urban groove small, hard textures such as Microhouse, Bigroom House, Shit house and Cheese

Cooking music longer so it becomes softer; mashing beats with the back of a fork; or liquidising it in a blender can help. Reducing DJ's to yoghurt or sometimes porridge consistencies may help as they are easier to control.There are a number of thickening agents available through your GP or from a dietician.

We strongly advise the use of nutritional supplements if necessary. Crushing tablets or using a syrup form may be easier for someone with a swallowing problem but seek advice from your GP as some tablets need to be taken whole.

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