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Globe-Trotting British Clubbers Spread Sexual Diseases

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, June 4, 2005
Globetrotting British clubbers who take drugs and having multiple sexual partners are spreading diseases like syphilis internationally, an international nursing conference in Taiwan heard this week.

British researcher Jim McVeigh from Liverpool's John Moore's University discovered the pattern when he noticed coincidental syphilis outbreaks in Manchester, Amsterdam, Dublin and Paris and tested his hypothesis by questioning clubbers in Ibiza. According to a report in Nursing Times this week, he discovered that 1 in five Brits have sex with non-British women during their trips, and linked much of the unsafe sex to heavy drug use of everything from Viagra, steroids, GHB and alcohol.

The report appeared exactly a year after another survey from John Moore's University revealed that one in three Brits take ecstasy five or more nights a week on Mediterranean jaunts, with many experimenting with drugs like cocaine for the first time.

"The problems we see at weekends in the UK of alcohol related violence and accidents, unprotected sex and longer term damage to mental and physical health are multiplied many fold during holidays abroad as young people treat every night like a Friday or Saturday," Professor Mark Bellis told Nursing Standard. His colleague Karen Hughes agreed, pointing out "holidaymakers accumulated the same number of sexual partners over a ten day period as they had done in six months prior to their holiday."