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Goldfrapp's Back To The Future Album Skips The 90s

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, May 28, 2005
British electro-pop duo Goldfrapp unveiled details of the upcoming artist album Supernature this week and revealed that they've adopted traditional methods by tackling almost all aspects of the record themselves

"We create our own, personalized environment," said Alison Goldfrapp, "And it's more how bands or duos used to do it in the 70s or 80s, your own music, art directing your own sleeves, wearing your own clothes, which is unique compared to a lot of bands. Nowadays, you might get people writing their own music, if that. And they'll have a whole entourage creating all the other stuff," she scoffed.

The famously outspoken chanteuse also ridiculed the musical climate of the 90s, when she first teamed up with Will Gregory after testing each other's credentials closely, she said.

"W e were thorough about where we wanted to go, it wasn't about who was wearing a cool jacket or cool trainers or something absolutely fucking dull," she snarled.

"These people who were supposed to be radical and cutting edge were actually incredibly safe. It was about what kind of music you should be doing. Or shouldn't. It was 'you can't put strings in there because they're far too sentimental and romantic'. All these 'cant's' because it wasn't cool. Very 90s."

Supernature is preceded by new single Ooh La La, which is out shortly on Mute Records.

We've stepped up a gear," says Alison, "because we're more knowledgeable. With 'Black Cherry' we were still discovering ourselves whereas this time we're just much more confident."