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Graham Gold June Reviews Pt 1

Author: Graham Gold
Thursday, June 30, 2005

This classic Picotto tune comes back at ya again with new mixes. Most, including me, have gone for the DJ Montana reworking. High pass filtered kick starts it off and unexpectedly, with that familiar vocal all cut up, and whilst initially you think it may be a bitch to mix, it isn't and just rolls around for a minute and half like this until a mental snare roll brings it to its climax. Full stop - then the high pass is out, the sidechained electro esque bass line is in and then it's all brilliantly over the top with high pitched stabs (which I think is probs a bit of the vox fucked up) right up until 6 mins when the most bizarre thing happens. MUSIC!! (Remember though, the riff was always late in the original also, but here you just don't expect it!) Montana makes up a new lead which opens into the original riff, before reverting back to minimal techy electro. Totally brilliant on the production and this could well be the biggest tune this summer. 5/5


All you need is the Mac Mark remix 136 tech-ish monster with its hats & ride high in the mix fuelling it along. Loads of excellent top filtering going on and it's all really just based around a great simple nagging main line. Well fx'd out at the end of the breakdown to make the kick back large. 4/5


The idea of a psy trance (or any other mix come to think of it) horrified me, as the original wasn't my thing anyway, but it bloody rocks. The arpegiated b line rocks over the traditional fierce psy kick, and it all gets very acidic and laden with fx. The acid arpeggio of the lead line is spot on. You get the vocal after the first breakdown but not for too long, they really put the delay on that in the second breakdown and add loads more delayed fx, and stab the vocal line at the end of the drop. Excellent stuff 5/5


Nothing goes on Vandit unless PVD wants it on so you know he will be dropping this in every set through the summer season. I have extolled the virtues of Marcos many times, and he delivers once again. The bass line may be straightforward but the dark sounds he fines are brilliant and he's shit hot at those melodies too!!! The main lead is a truly huge affair with a massive feel good factor. 5/5


Not sure how easy this is to find, but it's worth trying to get your mitts on a copy (CD only I think).
The MA vocal works perfectly over a fresh new tranced out background. Lush with soundscapes and strong fx, I didn't think I would go for this, being not particularly a huge vocal fan, but it really goes down well. 4/5