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Ibiza Facing Strict 6am Club Curfew-

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, February 26, 2005
Rumours swept Ibiza again this week suggesting authorities are to enforce strict 6am club curfews this season, threatening eradicate the island's famed after hours culture.

However, Judge Jules, who promotes Judgement Sundays at San Antonio's superclub Eden, told Skrufff he's unconcerned about the stories.

"They say the same thing every year around this time, but I monitor the local Ibiza press each week, and there's been no reference to it there," said Jules.

"Last summer the local authorities swore blind they'd be clamping down hard on clubs that ignored the curfew, but yet again nothing happened. It's pure rhetoric, or UK-based rumour," he suggested.

"In any case it doesn't affect me personally," Jules concluded, "As Judgement Sundays' venue Eden is one of the only clubs to adhere to closing times."