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Judge Jules' Balearic Bar Tab

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, June 4, 2005
Judgement Sunday promoter Judge Jules chatted to Skrufff this week about the high cost of drinks on Ibiza and agreed that sky-high bar prices on the island remain a sensitive issue.

"As the promoter of Judgement Sunday I don't receive anything from the bar, but we're constantly monitoring Eden's drinks prices and like to have a good old whinge if they ever come close to what's charged at Pacha and Space, where the prices are utterly ridiculous," said Jules, "Thankfully Eden is more reasonable."

The self-avowed champagne connoisseur also implicitly endorsed Mixmag's latest tip of tanking up before arriving in Ibiza clubs, admitting that as a youth "I'd drink my cider outside beforehand (or Special Brew, Diamond White or something equally classy).'

Jules also stressed he's no plans to invite special guest celebrities to his club, explaining "for us it's all about the music; celebs attract the type of crowd who couldn't care less what gets played." He also confirmed he'll be continuing to programme breaks and funky house DJs throughout the season with guests including The Plump DJs and Stanton Warriors spinning alongside hard jock regulars Ferry Corsten and Eddie Halliwell.

"We deliberately shy away from having the same style of music all night, it's musical variety that contributes towards the night being so special, and different from any other (certainly in San Antonio, and probably on the whole island)," said Jules. "We're also introducing an After-party session that's going to run in the funky room at Eden, plus the roofed-over Garden of Eden Bar from 7am "til 1pm. We'll be featuring lots of up and coming DJs who'd we'd like to champion more, but only have limited slots available at our main party," he said.