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Labour, Conservatives & Lib Dems Agree "Backroom' Deal On Drugs

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, April 9, 2005
All three of Britain's main political parties secretly agreed to approve Labour's draconian new drugs bill this week, meaning compulsory drug testing for suspects and the classification of magic mushrooms alongside heroin and crack are almost certain to become laws in the near future.

Steve Rolles from drugs charity Transform told Skrufff the parties rushed through the Bill with minimal consultation and admitted he was "gutted' about the backroom deal.

"Worse it is rumoured that this bill is just part 1," the civil liberties/ harm reduction advocate warned, "And that part 2, presumably with more pointless ill-thought-out populist draconian rubbish, is due for the next parliament," he predicted.

Though the bulk of the legislation was decided in secret, Britain's House of Lords briefly debated the bill, with Labour's frontbench minister Baroness Scotland raising the issue of US style mandatory thresholds, defining personal use and intent to supply.

Baroness Scotland indicated that cannabis users can plead personal use for up to four ounces (112 grams) in one block or less than 10 individual pieces, with ecstasy users facing being charged as dealers if they're caught with more than 10 pills. Cocaine use limits are likely to be set at 7 grams bulk or 10 separate 1 gram or 0.5 gram wraps, she suggested.