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Larry Tee's Distortion Disco Bans Strippers, Muscle Dudes & Mafia Thugs

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, April 3, 2005
Skrufff man-in-New York Larry Tee launched his new Manhattan club Distortion Disco at Duvet this week, which he's co-promoting with Manhattan scenesters Kenny Kenny, Josh Wood and the GHB boys (Duvet is in the space formerly occupied by Centrofly).

The new club opened three months after he discontinued Disgraceland at Manhattan superclub Crobar and is targeted at a significantly different audience, said Larry.

"The main difference from Disgraceland is that the space is smaller (700 max) and we have a policy not to let in the strippers/muscle dudes/mafia thugs that find their into larger clubs," Larry told Skrufff, "OK, we will let in the strippers."

"The party is a combination of the two hot Thursday parties of last year which both feature freaks galore (Amanda LePore, Sophia Lamar, etc) but also mixes in music lovers of all sexual variety and demographics if they can play with the colourful crowd properly," he continued.

"The plan is to create a party environment where people get to hear great new music but delivered in a fun way. I want to play the best of new wave house, techno-rap and smut-rock a combination we call Distortion Disko, hence the name," he added.