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Lasergun ' Electro of The DEAD'

Author: honkytonks
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
The Lasergun Zombies and the Horrors at Honkytonks..
Lasergun ' Electro of The DEAD'
Friday 13th May - Dress UP party

Dave, the Undead Pham, Boogs of the Dammed, A fully scalped Toupee, and the Very, very, very Happy Jan will be providing survival techniques for the blood bath on the piano. We'll also be terrified by the all-new Live show from Lasergun's favorite duo, Mink Engine!!! They have a few new tricks up their selves and your going to love the specially re-edited visuals just for this show.

In true ghosts and goblins style, we have added an awesome international slayer for this ever so special occasion. Printed Circuit Live!!! Here is some information on the stunningly talented Claire Broadley, better known as Printed Circuit' 'The logical pop outcome of Commodore 64s being force-fed down USB cables". Printed Circuit is the pseudonym for 25-year-old Claire Broadley, who has been making electronic music since she was 19 years old. Claire has recorded for various influential electronic labels such as Tigerbeat6, Irritant, Elefant and 555. Her first album, 'The Adventure Game', was released in 2002, and she has regularly shared stages with electronic and indie greats such as Max Tundra, Momus, Chicks On Speed, Le Tigre, Kid606 and Numbers. Although the 1980s references come thick and fast in Printed Circuit reviews, that's only one of her influences. Claire's attention to detail and high standard of production ensures innovative programming that gives her music life.

Printed Circuit is not tired and retro-futurist, nor is it electroclash or straight-forward chip music. It's a unique twist on electronic pop - a carefully-crafted, bright, melodic, innovative and refreshing mix which never fails to get a crowd moving. In 2004, Claire released a new record on 555, 'Byte Me', which showcases her move towards upbeat, robotic electronic pop. She also toured the UK, played in Berlin loads and was widely regarded as one of the highlights of the GoJonnyGoGoGoGo weekender in Leeds. As well as Printed Circuit, Claire has various other projects. She runs an electronica label, Catmobile, and promotes live music in her hometown of Leeds.

MINK ENGINE is the audio visual duo of ASKII and TOUCH ME TIGER.
ASKII twiddles your dials with his special blend of Electrorock played live from his VIRUS. TOUCH ME TIGER excites your eyeballs as she plays her special brand of video and animation with her KEYTAR. Together MINK ENGINE are HOT 4 U!
Also, you may have noticed the new drinks menu at Honkytonks, we suggest, yes of coarse, the Zombie!!!! If the ghouls don't kill you this drink will for sure, and the limit is 3 for all you maniacs out there.

Come and eat some brains with us, or at least fry the cells....
So come as you favorite dead thing (it's a fancy 'your dead' dress party) and BYO brain, Friday 13th of May 2005
Where is it- Home is where the bleeding heart is, Honkytonks.. Somewhere in Duckboard Pl, Melbourne
Lasergun- we sure do love electro and dead stuff.