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London Cannabis Campaigners Rally Round (May 15)

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, April 17, 2005
Civil liberties campaigners in Britain have teamed up to organise a 'Cannabis Education March and Rally' in Central London on Sunday 15th May, following the cancellation of the annual cannabis festival in Brixton. The march and rally is being planned for an as yet 'leading central London venue' and will be linking up with the 'global cannabis action' day which sees similar actins taking place in over 200 cities worldwide.

"Cannabis prohibition is the most expensive mistake in British legal history", one of the event's organisers declared this week, "We have to ask 'How safe is cannabis-, but we also have to ask "How dangerous is cannabis prohibition-".

Meanwhile in America, George W's top propagandist John Walters warned against cynicism deflecting people from the path of prohibition, declaring in a speech this week "Too many young people start smoking marijuana because they think it's harmless,.

"We have to pay attention We have to correct misinformation," the Drug Tsar quipped. "This is not a joke." (The Cincinnati Enquirer)

US biblical scholar Stan White, however, also complained about misinformation in a letter published in the Equinox newspaper and suggested prohibitionists are "brain-washing' people to believe cannabis is evil'

"It is Biblically correct to re-legalize cannabis, It's no accident that the Bible indicates God created all the seed-bearing plants and said they were all good, on literally the very first page in Genesis 1:11-12 and 29-30," Mr White pointed out.

"The Federal government would like citizens to think cannabis is a chemical weapon of mass destruction; in reality, the table of the Lord is not defiled. Biblically, it is time to stop caging humans for using what is good," he suggested.