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Lucien Foort: Dance Music's Just Entertainment But . . .

Author: Skrufff
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Dutch house/ progressive DJ Lucien Foort took time out from his globetrotting schedule to chat to Skrufff this week and opened up about both racism in Holland and his enduring belief in the healing power of dance music.

"It is a force, but it's primarily entertainment, ultimately we're all just guys walking around with bags full of black plastic thins with holes in the middle," said Lucien. "Some people might think they're trying to change the world and teach people things but after you've been in the game as long as I have, it's all about having a good time."

"But having said that, dance music is a genuine global language I don't speak Japanese, but when I play in Japan, everybody has the same smile they have in Holland or England and that's what I want," he continued. "It's global communication, and that's what the force of dance music about."

Lucien also spoke lucidly about the growing tensions in Holland following the recent murders of outspoken polemicist Theo Van Gogh and right wing politician Pim Fortuyn, two years earlier.

"It's affecting everyone, to the extent that my supposedly tolerant country is becoming worse than Austria. People are not seeing it because the changes are happening gradually," he suggested.

"Having said that, though, I still believe that every true Dutchman, from his heart, is not a racist, not at all," he added.

"Nobody's born racist anyway, it's caused by the ideas you're exposed to. We're in a worrying situation at the moment in Holland, though if I may quote the Holy Book, you've got seven fat years then seven slim years, I think we're getting into the seven slim years bit, but everything will balance out eventually."

Lucien is set to release his first new single in years, shortly, the appropriately titled track Shine The Light.