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Luke Chable returns for PF#32

Monday, October 24, 2005
It's been a big year for Luke Chable. At the beginning of 2005, he packed his swag, flew out of the city he loves so much he wrote a tune about it, and headed across to base himself in Amsterdam for the coming European summer.

Perfect timing really. With his first ever mix compilation about to be released ('Therapy Session 2'), it was time to take his brand of progressive sounds to the rest of the world. While his production talent has never been questioned, it had only been the last 12 months that his skills as a DJ had really come to the forefront. During many an intimate night at Melbourne's Tilt Bar, Luke had been getting Sideways on a regular basis (as was the more than happy dancefloor that he was playing to), not to mention his his inclusion on the lineups at Sasha and Summadayze, and his unforgettable sets with Ivan Gough at both Gods Kitchen and James Zabiela at rOOm.

With a Lo-Step album in the pipeline, and many friends to say goodbye to, we bid him farewell...

After playing some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the globe in the last 8 months-not to mention launching Trojan Records, a pretty damn fine record label in between-we're happy to announce Luke's coming back to Melburn town this month... But we're even happier to announce that we'll be welcoming him home at Private Function #32 on Friday October 28th at Altitude, and we're hoping you'd all like to join us also.

He'll be playing 3 hours in order to fit in as many of the precious gems he's collected in his record bag along the way as possible. And while we delved into the techy sounds last month (and oh wasn't that sweet), PF#32 will be straight up progressive sounds at it's finest - and we've put together a PF support crew this time who are more than up to the challenge.

Joining Luke will be Gavin Martin, Dean Millson and Steve May. Need we say more-

Entry will be $15 or a cheap as chips $10 on the guestlist which you can register for at the usual place - simply head to and as usual, if you've got a big list you can email it through to us at and we'll get it sorted for you!

See you on the dancefloor-

Private Function #32
Friday October 28th
Bullens Lane