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Microchip Clubbing Goes to Glasgow

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, January 22, 2005
Scottish restaurant/disco Bar Soba is set become the first British club to offer microchip implants to members, following in the footsteps of Spanish clubbing resorts Baha Beach.

Bar Soba boss Brad Stevens cited the same advantages of exclusivity and being able to buy drinks without cash that the Baha club raved about when launching their implant though was also presumably impressed by the media coverage his scheme attracted. Speaking about microchips last May, Alan Grant from West London nightspot Neighbourhood predicted microchip implants would be "standard practise for clubs within 10 years, prompting an alarming warning from Liberty spokesman Barry Hugill.

"If you are happy to be surgically implanted you must be aware of the dangers," Mr Hugill told the Guardian. "You may be served more quickly but it could also mean someone could stalk or monitor you." (The mystery of 666: "With Chip Installed, Your Cash, Bank Accounts, Stocks, Bonds -- All Your Money Will Be Transported to A New World 666 Account. If You Don't Like It, Starve And Be Dead. Once Initiation is completed, The Slaughter shall begin. All those who Refuse Initiation will be labeled as "Enemies of The State" Hunted-down, Arrested and Publicly Executed: Beheaded. {Rev:20:4}. . . .')