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Ministry Launch 10 Day Charity Campaign (March 24-April 2)

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, January 29, 2005
Ministry Of Sound are to transmit a 230 hour continuous live radio broadcast this Easter, which will include two weekends of club nights from their South London headquarters.

"Ministry of Sound Live: Donate to Dance' is being staged to raise funds for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy group and launches on Thursday March 24.

"We are going to create a non-stop party over ten days and give our global audience the opportunity to experience Ministry of Sound Radio at times when they normally hear the computer being the selector," Ministry's Radio station manager Rob Sharp told Skrufff.

"Every track has to be played live from CD or vinyl and to make it bit more exciting we have decided to hook up the main room of the club to the station and broadcast the DJs and the crowd so people who have never been to Ministry can hear what it is all about," he explained.

Ministry and Nordoff-Robbins have been in discussion about a charity event for nearly a year and the superclub has also played a role in the Club Together nights for the Tsunami Appeal.

"Compassion fatigue following the Tsunami was brought up as a possible issue in raising money but we've been wanting to do something for Nordoff-Robbins for ages," Rob continued. "I chose Nordoff in particular because of their involvement with the World DJ Fund I am hoping if we put on a fantastic event people will feel entertained and will want to get involved and show their support.'

"After much discussion we decided that the Easter Weekend was still the best time for the event because we're able to broadcast live from the club over a possible six nights as well as link up to the Miami Winter Music Conference Event and Ministry of Sound Taipei," he added. (In the spring of 2002 the global dance community worked together, for the first time, to raise money for charity. An incredible £300,000 was raised in the UK alone, with close to £100,000 being raised internationally . ..')