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Moby Worries About "Wilfully Ignorant' World

Author: Skrufff
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

America's most successful dance star Moby returned to addressing serious issues on his blog this week, publishing a despairing rant about the state of Western society.

"I guess that we had all assumed that an Orwellian world would be one wherein dissent wasn't tolerated, little did we know that in our Orwellian world dissent is tolerated and ignored," said Moby.

"It is generally disheartening to realize that we live in an age where people have access to so much information but yet choose willful ignorance; or wilfully choose ignorance; they're both depressing," he complained.

The shaven headed New Yorker also released final details of his upcoming artist album Hotel this week which he revealed was heavily influenced by early 80s bands including Sisters of Mercy, Echo & The Bunnymen and New Order.

"I still love that aesthetic, that hybrid of electronics with rock elements, dance music that has a pained emotional quality," he said on the official press release accompanying the record, adding that the track Spider is an unashamed homage to David Bowie.

"I've met princes, I've met nobility and aristocracy, but I've never met anyone who is as regal as Iman and David Bowie," he name-dropped.

"I can‚' think of any other musician in the 20th century who has impacted on popular culture and music more than David Bowie."

Hotel is released on Mute Records on 14th March.