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Nubreed Y4K

Author: Tranzfusion Newzbot
Monday, November 28, 2005
With the Y4K series continuing to go from strength to strength, Distinctive felt it was time to get their Antipodean buddies Nubreed into the Y4K game. One of Australia's best dance exports, Nubreed have been pioneering the progressive breaks mash-up sound for some years. This mix is intelligent, musical and not without its fair share of dirty, gritty sounds and basslines.

With a large back catalogue of production under their belts, Distinctive decided that it was time for Nubreed to step up to the Y4K mark and put together a mix that will take all on a definitive Nubreed musical journey. As with their live performances, Nubreed have managed to put together an intelligent and intense mix whilst maintaining the musicality that makes them so popular. Having put the word out, Nubreed have managed to pull in exclusives from Si Begg, Stanton Warriors, Andy Page and one or two of their own for good measure.

With the intensity and insanity of SOTEG and Si Begg to the musical wonderment of tracks from Ils and Tipper to solid vocals from the likes of Stanton Warriors and LA's Toksin this is smart mix that should be in all discerning listeners' collections.

1. Nubreed - The Futuristic Sounds of Now (Intro)
2. Lusine - Flat (Lusine Remix)
3. Habersham - My Effingham Sound
4. Tipper - Rare and Plentiful
5. Ils - Over My Head
6. Dirty Fours - Machines
7. Stanton Warriors - Still Here
8. Poxy Music - Our Break
9. Toksin - Digital Divine
10. Andy Page / Danny Bonnici - Vermouth
11. Nubreed - Festa
12. SOTEG - End of Six
13. Nubreed - The Thing (with 'Shortkey' acc)
14. Si Begg - Turn Up The Volume (FTP VIP Mix)
15. Kilowatts - Learn To Love Loneliness

Nubreed - Y4K is out Feb 18th 2006 on Y4K / Distinctive through Stomp.

Reewind! April 2005:
the NuBreed story begins many years earlier. "Mykel and I had been friends since I was fourteen and my sister introduced us," Jase recounts. "A bit later Danny was in a band who required an MC and he approached Mykel who, at some point, introduced me and we've all been friends ever since. We've always worked on music, sometimes together while other times apart. I do a lot of hip hop stuff on my own. We'd developed far enough to have all finished or be in the middle of projects of varying styles. So we decided 'ok, by the end of this year let's do one electronic song each and get them mastered'. However, once we finished them we never stopped. We just kept making more music and by the end of that year we had a fair number of tracks done."
Taken from NuBreed interview written by Terry Goldfain and originally featured in Zebra magazine