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Phil K presents Y4K

Author: DMC
Friday, January 14, 2005
With the Y4K series really establishing itself at the forefront of 'breaks' compilations Distinctive decided it was time to broaden the horizons ever so slightly by embracing the sound of Melbourne's Phil K. No stranger to Australian music lovers Phil K has been around for many years and has always been on the cutting edge of electronic music. Phil's production and mixes have been embraced the world over by the likes of Sasha, Dave Seaman, Lee Burridge and Anthony Pappa to name but a handful.

"I've known Phil K for years and for me, he is the most inspirational DJ I'm lucky enough to count as a good friend. Quite simply, he has more talent in his little finger than most so called 'superstar DJ's' could dream of in a lifetime. A future hero for the next generation, mark my words." Dave Seaman Dec 2003

" Best Undiscovered DJ- Rising Aussie breakbeat DJ Phil K - not undiscovered but definitely going places." Sasha - DJ Mag Nov 2003

"The term `DJ' hardly does justice to his talents. Anyone with half a brain can learn to mix records and call themselves a DJ. Phil is so much more than that, I actually think he stopped being a `DJ' years ago, when he began incorporating effects and live sampling into his routines. I've been watching him play since 1992 and he's always been ahead of the game. While most other DJs were trying to perfect a beat mix, Phil was concentrating on mixing in Key as well. His live sets are legendary, and two are never alike. The amount of equipment he uses for a set is amazing; laptop, decks, effects mixer, effects unit, midi controller, two CD players and recently he's added two DVD players and a video mixer...and although he's become known as a Breaks DJ, he's always played much more than just breakbeats. Put simply, he plays the best records that are around at the moment,(or will be in the future), regardless of genre. Your typical Phil K set crosses more boundaries than an innings from Ricky Ponting." Stewart Hanna, DMC Australia

Phil K is entering his twentieth year as a well respected and pioneering DJ. Here Phil has put together an eclectic mix that ranges from subtle progressive textures to mashed up guitars to dancefloor fillers none of which seem out of place as they sit next to each other in the mix. Phil's tracklist is a true testament to the sound that he has championed since the beginning of his career. A mix that features tracks from Habersham, Tiga, Agoria, Warp-esque Aussie breaks favourite Andy Page and even Phil K himself. This is an intelligent, well thought out and impressively produced mix that is a notably worthy addition the Y4K series. If you like your breaks you need this Y4K, if you like good music you need this Y4K in fact you JUST NEED this Y4K. Period.

01 - Lusine - Ghostly
02 - Habersham - Song of the Lizard
03 - Rhino Drum - Dark Da Da
04 - Tiga - Pleasure From Bass (Joakim Remix)
05 - Agoria - Kofea
06 - Jahcoozi - Fish (Team Natascha Remix)
07 - Trafik - Echoes (Petters Air Guitar Remix)
08 - Phil K & Habersham - Cloudbrake
09 - Motive - ABE
10 - Son of the Electric Ghost - The Devils Logic
11 - Product 01 - I Like It Loud (SiBegg Remix)
12 - Vini vs. The Funk Monster - Dominion
13 - NuBreed - To Know (F.A.R.T. Remix)
14 - Andy Page - Serpent