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Radio 1 Sign Up Six New Dance DJs

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, April 3, 2005
Britain's hugely influential radio station Radio 1 are to launch a new late night dance show featuring six upcoming club DJs presenting six shows each on six week rotation.

"The Residency' takes over from the Dreem Team's garage based "Soulful Session' slot between 3am and 5am Sunday mornings and will be covering genres including acid house, trance, hardcore and house, the station announced this week. Eddie Halliwell (trance), Jon O'Bir (progressive) The Trophy Twins (house), Criss (jungle), Nic Fanciulli (techno) and Kutski (hardcore) are the first six DJs selected for the new show which starts on May 1st.

"The addition of this slot will make our specialist music schedule the most exciting listen possible," said Radio 1 chief Ian Parkinson this week. "The line-up have exceptional talent and cover genres that will appeal to a huge cross-section of our audience."

Each presenter will be guaranteed just six shows per run with Radio 1 stalwart Pete Tong reviewing the entire line-up every 36 weeks.

"I feel proud to be involved in "The Residency' from start to finish, the plan with the show is to stay fresh and react to what's hot out there," The Essential Selection broadcaster explained.

"Nic and Eddie were made Radio 1 Residents a year ago and have played at many of our live events, they've now got the chance to shine as broadcasters for the first time. The other DJs are equally promising and will cover genres across both underground and mainstream dance. I look forward to watching them grow over the next 8 months or so," he added.