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Sasha Speeds Up From Five Years To Five Days

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, May 23, 2005
Notoriously slow superstar DJ Sasha mixed his latest compilation in a "few days', he revealed this week, shortening the gap between releases from 5 years to one.

The progressive house icon recently ditched vinyl for Ableton and said he's been reinvigorated by the digital system.

"Fundacion (his new CD) captures what I can now do with Ableton in a live capacity, this is my mix album," he said, "It's the ultimate DJ experience and it's completely reinvigorated me again. I'm jumping up and down in the DJ booth. And people can feel that on the dance floor, they know."

The nowadays US based Brit chatted to Skrufff last year when released Involver and conceded his procrastination had become a serious problem.

"I've realised recently that the worst thing I can have is any kind of open ended deadline. I need to be constantly setting myself mini-deadlines within deadlines to get things finished," he said. The hugely popular veteran DJ also admitted his success had brought problems over time.

"I think I exert more pressure on myself in that hunt for evolution and perfection than anyone else does. The danger of being at number one is that you get complacent," he explained.

"What happened with me was that I took on so much work that I ended up being unable to give enough attention that each part of my work needed. I was doing too many gigs, backing them up back to back and stretching myself too thin so I ended up being exhausted a lot. This year I feel like I've got my balance back. Last year was difficult because I ended up feeling a bit lost, not really knowing what sound I wanted to play, how I wanted to do it."

The new CD remains heavily progressive in vibe though nods to electro-house with tracks from Tiefschwarz, Ewan Pearson and Goldfrapp. Release date is June 13 on Global Underground.