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Sasha plays QBH in Melbourne on Saturday

Author: Phil Watkins
Thursday, December 8, 2005
You know they reckon there are two types of DJs. Whether you agree or not, there are DJs who turn up, play records and make people dance and there are producers who can make the dance floor, igniting records those DJs will kill for. I reckon after many years now we can safely say that Sasha is both of these. Alexander Coe has been named as Jesus on more than a few occasions but where did he come from. How did he become so big-

Is it because of what he and his computer can do with music - the way he can make good records sound better and everything he plays his own. The way his mixes take elements fro across the spectrum of electronic dance, from trance, breaks, progressive and deep house to create a languidly hypnotic liquid groove.

The best DJs know that this whole thing is about being able to read people and then about being able to tap into that human experience and take it on a journey. Sasha has always been touted as the master at this and it is this type of universal appeal that has enabled Sasha to touch fans around the world. Ok but where did he come from-

Born and raised in a small town in Wales, Sasha was gifted with exposure to the Motown records when he was just a baby and it was in the home that he developed a talent for playing the piano. His first encounter with house music arrived at Manchester's Hacienda, just as the hallowed days of the Summer of Love had begun. It took jus t one visit and the young Sasha was hooked. "The smoke machine, the strobe lights, everyone trance dancing, wearing bandanas and smiley T-shirts," he smiles. "It definitely had a fuck-you attitude compared to the rest of pop music". This massive move towards dance music inspired Sasha to move out of his home in Wales to Manchester. This is where his first exploration into the DJ world began in a local pub when one of the residents announced that he was looking for people to play club dates. It was the man like Sasha who volunteered for the job and later admitted after pulling it off that he only "had about 30 records and basically just blagged it".

Sasha's first big break came when he was offered his first DJ residency at the now legendary club Shelly's, where he outshone the other DJs with his uplifting style layering his tunes with acapellas and keeping the crowds happy for hours. This residency bought Sasha a grandstand ticket into his residency at Renaissance. It was here that he was given the opportunity to forge his now universally famous style of house music for the masses. It was here also that Sasha mixed the first ever UK mix album and where he first met the mighty John Digweed. From there 'Northern Exposure' was formed and the rest we could say is history. Going from strength to strength Sasha became the first DJ cover superstar on Mixmag in early 1991 and his celebrity status has been well and truly born.

Now what can you say about this man's status. I can guarantee that everyone reading this would have had at least of those dance floor moments to either Sasha himself on the decks in which you probably would have a collection or to one of his monster remixes that have spanned some of the biggest tunes of dance music itself, the Sasha machine continues to move forward progressing just like his sound from day to day. As the first commercially famous person to start utilising digital mixing in his sets with the help of Ableton Live it seems that the sky is not enough for this man who has moved to a new in both the studio with the release of his groundbreaking 'Involver' and mixing, re-editing and remixing tracks live for his beloved fans, Sasha is surely one of the pioneers of the music he loves so much.

Sasha plays Melbourne for a Four Hour Set on Saturday 10th of December. Also playing are Luke Chable, Sean Quinn, Gavin Keitel, Keltec and Mark James

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